Free start

With the Free start mode, we want more people to have a healthier lifestyle to create a green, sustainable lifestyle. Therefore, we decided that players will be able to own EMOVES NFT shoes without spending money, by completing the tasks that EMOVES offers such as:

  • When the player cannot afford to buy 1 NFT shoe, the player can register with the development team to have a separate mission system for each day. The tasks will be very simple, suitable for almost everyone, to build a green lifestyle, the quest system may include: Walk a certain distance during the day, complete 10000 steps in one day.

  • If the player completes the mission for 20 consecutive days, the player can get 1 Happy Box (with 2 Happy Boxes the player will mint 1 pair of shoes).

  • If you continue to complete the quest for 35 consecutive days, the player can continue to receive 1 Happy Box.

  • Or if the player wants to own 20 days, the player can stake 1 amount of EMOVES EMV tokens for a certain period to receive the remaining Happy Box.

This way, more people will be able to participate and experience our app. Since then, our mission has been fulfilled: a green, sustainable lifestyle starts with the simplest things.

Phase 1:

A. Solo mode:

  • In Solo mode, to be able to start running, a runner will have to have at least 1 NFT of EMOVES (shoes) and energy (Energy – each Energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of running). Players will start running by choosing for themselves a pair of shoes suitable for their physical condition and health and then pressing Start, the player will appear on his in-app screen displaying the status. walking or running. Note: each pair of shoes will generate a different amount of EMV for the player. Each pair of shoes will generate a different amount of EMV for players, the amount of tokens generated depends on: Type of shoes; Attributes of each pair of shoes; Level of the shoes, and Own speed.

  • When the amount of Energy in a day of play is exhausted, players can use EMV to be able to own more Energy, the conversion rate between EMV and Energy will depend on the price of 1 EMV.

  • Warning mode: WARNING mode: EMOVES has tracked and recorded the player's journey through GPS/internet signal, if the player's GPS/internet is weak, the system will notify the player via WARNING mode. This will help players know their problems to ensure their interests of players. In there

  • Yellow: GPS/internet has unstable signal, interrupted during the player's journey.

  • Red: no signal from GPS/internet.

Phase 2:

  • Team mode: players can invite their friends to a team to run together and earn tokens. Each team will consist of up to 5 people, each person will have to own at least one pair of shoes and Energy to be able to participate in the run to earn EMV. In a Team, when one person starts running, there will be a message sent to the rest of the team calling everyone to run together. The more people running at the same time, the more EMV is generated for members of it.

  • Event mode: There will be continuous events taking place to help players increase their income: Weekly Event; Monthly Event; Team Events; Leaderboard Event. The more events a player participates in, the more profits they can earn.

Phase 3:

  • Run with your pet: To enhance the fun for users, we are developing new features for the app, in which running with pets is one of the features we want to work on. Each pet will have its characteristics, suitable for each individual users will run together, take care of and raise pets together.

  • Lending and sharing: To help more players experience the application, and create a green and sustainable lifestyle for themselves, we decided to create a shoe lending and sharing mechanism.

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