A. Type of shoes: In EMOVES, there are 4 types of shoes with different speed parameters and EMOVES tokens (EMV) generated:

B. Attribute of shoes: Each pair of shoes will include 4 attributes, affecting different elements of the shoe:

  • BURN: Only calories increase when expending 1 energy - This stat should be the top priority when choosing shoes and upgrading.

  • DOPA: The higher the index, the easier it is to get excited when exercising (from Dopamine) from which players will have a lucky chance to receive a "Happy box".

  • BREAK: Open stat limits the amount of Energy spawned in 1 day. (Newly joined the game, players will not pay attention to this stat, but when running for a long time and getting used to running at high frequency, players will be eager to make money and want to run more to generate more Energy).

  • SUSTAIN: The higher the index, the less damaged the shoes are, and the less money it will cost to repair.

C. Level of shoes: The level of the shoe: Will affect the amount of EMOVES (EMV) tokens generated, the higher the level, the more EMOVES tokens (EMV), in addition to the higher levels, there will be special privileges.

D. Repair shoes: Each pair of shoes after a run will wear out and need to be repaired, the rate of wear and tear of each shoe is different depending on the SUSTAIN index of the shoes. The higher the SUSTAIN rating, the more durable the shoe and the less likely it is to wear out. To be able to repair the shoes, the player needs to use the EMOVES token (EMV) to repair the shoes.

E. Happy box: Happy Box: The DOPA index of each pair of shoes will affect whether the player can receive the Happy Box, the higher the DOPA index, the more chances the player has to get it.

F. Build a Healthy Habit: As players achieve various milestones, players will receive rewards as well as certifications:

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