📖Founding story

The thing is the warning of inactivity and bodily harm. Humans need regular activities, but the modern world is trying to pull them out of our lives. People are becoming more and more lazy which leads to serious health effects. Anxiety, depression, heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity... are all caused by lack of exercise.

The solution is we can save ourselves through practice. EMOVES was born to solve all your problems. EMOVES aims to be the central platform in fitness that brings people together, fostering growth in your own personal well-being. Every step users take in EMOVES is an opportunity to fill your pocket. Achievements from EMOVES can be used in a game world or simply as NFT rewards.

Joining EMOVES challenges together is an effective way to make more friends, and increase engagement with everyone. Joining activities together helps create openness and friendliness between people, and helps people understand each other better.

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