We place great importance on creating a level playing field for all our users. We want to reassure all our users that cheating is a matter of our team's focus to protect the community and the game.

* Fraud

Fraudulent activities data includes altering submitted data, sending spurious data, or sending data whereby data does not match the actual operations performed. This leads to the following consequences: All submitted data will be scrutinized by the platform. If there is any evidence of tampering, the platform will ban users from cheating immediately without notice. An email will be sent to the user citing the ban and all assets will be seized. The ban process will not be modified under any circumstances. If a user believes they have been mistakenly banned, please contact us and an investigation will be conducted. Users will go through a verification process, and if we find an error in the ban, all content will be returned. If the investigation confirms fraud, the user's account and crypto wallet will be permanently banned. Other users with significant interactions with fraudulent users will be placed on a watch list and closely monitored.

* Complaints and defamation

Online defamation of EMOVES from fraudulently-banned users will trigger the following actions:

The transparent explanation will be posted on EMOVES online channels

At EMOVES, we believe in transparency for all of our constituencies and will therefore provide clarity across our platforms. Consent to publicly resolve fraud-related defamation cases is outlined in the app policy terms and conditions.

⚖ī¸ Act by laws and regulations

Any false defamation will be handled according to the normal process of laws and regulations.

⛔ī¸ Prohibited property

EMOVES does not engage in fraudulent assets or any other fraudulent activity. Regarding NFT, assets are auctioned to the market, allowing all users an equal opportunity to participate in purchases. All coins from the auction will automatically go to the Treasury.

📝 Information on this page

The information on this page will be updated and may be considered a working version. Participants should stay up to date with the platform's policies.

EMOVES' primary focus is on protecting the interests of all of our constituencies.

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